Anxiety Disorder Diagnosis & Treatment

How Are Anxiety Disorders Diagnosed?

If you are experiencing any signs and/or symptoms of an anxiety disorder, talk to your healthcare provider. They'll start with a complete physical exam & discuss your medical history. Unfortunately, there are no lab tests or scans that can diagnose anxiety disorders, however, your healthcare provider may run some tests to rule out other physical conditions that may be causing the same symptoms.

Anxiety Tests & Diagnosis

To diagnose anxiety disorders, your Mercy provider or behavioral health professional may:

  • Use screening tools to help with your diagnosis
  • Order lab work or other tests

Anxiety Treatment Options

Anxiety disorders can be effectively treated through several treatment approaches such as counseling and therapy, medication or a combination of both. At Mercy, we provide the treatment plan that’s right for you.

Therapy or Counseling

A therapist works with you in counseling sessions to discuss ways to manage your anxiety. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) teaches you skills to manage anxiety. CBT therapy for anxiety can be done individually or in a group of people with similar issues.

Anxiety Medication

Medications can be used to treat anxiety disorders. A variety of medications are used to treat anxiety and panic disorders – and many of them also treat depression. Your Mercy doctor or behavioral health professional will discuss your options, including the benefits and risks. 

Complementary Approaches to Overcoming Anxiety

Some people with anxiety also benefit from healing therapies used along with regular medical care, which is known as complementary or integrative therapies. Mercy's integrative medicine services focus on your emotional and spiritual well-being through a variety of therapies. Meditation is a therapy that helps clear your mind so you feel calmer and at peace.

Dealing with Anxiety

Living with an anxiety disorder is manageable with the right care and support. Mercy doctors and behavioral health professionals offer treatments and services to help you reduce anxiety and get more out of life.

Taking care of yourself is also key when you’re feeling stress and anxiety. Be sure to get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods and take time to exercise. Always avoid alcohol and drugs, which can worsen your anxiety. Making time for healthy self-care can make a big difference when you live with anxiety.

At Mercy, we offer comprehensive services to diagnose and treat a full range of anxiety disorders, including: Mercy offers resources & support groups in many communities based on needs and availability. You might find it helpful to also pursue programs & resources offered through reputable mental health agencies.