10 Questions to Ask When Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Once diagnosed with breast cancer, you’ll likely have many questions about your diagnosis, treatment and recovery. To get the conversation started, below are 10 questions to ask your care team.

  1. What kind of breast cancer do I have and at what stage?

  2. Has cancer spread to my lymph nodes?

  3. What is my prognosis?

  4. Who will be a part of my cancer care team and what does each person do? 

  5. What are my treatment options?

  6. Are there more tests and procedures needed to determine my treatment plan?

  7. What is the goal of my treatment?

  8. What can I do myself to get ready for treatment?

  9. Can I get a second opinion?

  10. Who can I go to for support?

Answers to these questions will help you prepare for your treatment and recovery. And there are sure to be many questions along the way. Keep a list and the lines of communication open with your care team. They are here to help with your questions and concerns – both large and small.


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