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Improving Life After Cancer

Mercy offers advanced care for all types of cancer - plus the support you and your family need throughout treatment and survivorship. As part of our healing ministry, we provide both expertise and compassion in equal measure.

At Mercy, we understand the physical and emotional challenges that can arise during cancer treatment or in life as a survivor. Wherever you are in your journey, we offer support and survivorship services to help you live and feel your best.

When a loved one has cancer, the whole family is affected. Mercy supports you and your family members by providing a variety of services and resources. Services vary by location but may include:

Educational Resource Centers

Mercy provides cancer information, education and support to families affected by cancer. Types of educational centers vary by location and may offer:

  • Assistance with information about cancer types and treatments
  • Education on cancer prevention and early detection
  • Resources for insurance, disability and financial assistance
  • Tips for managing hair loss and obtaining wigs, hats and turbans

Support Groups

Mercy offers many unique programs in supportive settings for cancer patients, survivors, their caregivers and loved ones. Ask your care team for information about support groups in your community.

Social Workers

Mercy social workers assist with a variety of needs, such as care coordination, accessing hospital or community resources, managing financial issues and finding transportation or lodging.

Spiritual Care

Mercy chaplains are spiritual care professionals who support people of all faiths and cultural backgrounds. Whether you’re facing a new cancer diagnosis, a hospital stay, surgery or have other spiritual needs, a chaplain can assist you.

Mercy offers medical services that address the psychological, physical and nutritional effects of cancer treatment. Medical support services for cancer patients include:

Psychological & Emotional Care

Coping with cancer can be challenging, but our behavioral health professionals are here for you.

Cancer Rehabilitation & Therapy

Mercy offers a range of therapies and pain management services to help you live a full and active life.

Lymphedema Care

Our lymphedema therapy services can help any damage cancer has done to the lymphatic system, usually swelling in the arms, legs and other areas.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Cancer care can affect your nutrition, but our highly trained dietitians can help you stay healthy.

Palliative Care

No matter the type or stage of cancer, palliative care provides pain relief and comfort.

Integrative Medicine

Our integrative oncology services combine conventional medical care with complementary therapies that can help people with cancer manage pain, nausea, fatigue and other symptoms.

Your multispecialty care team includes highly experienced physicians, oncology clinicians and other professionals with deep expertise in treating all types of cancer. Depending on your diagnosis, your cancer care team may include the following experts.

Radiation Oncologist

A radiation oncologist is a physician who specializes in treating cancer with radiation therapy. They work closely with your care team on treatment planning and oversee radiation therapy.


Depending on your cancer type, surgery may be needed to confirm your diagnosis, remove tumors or repair affected areas of the body. Mercy has surgeons who specialize in specific types of cancer.

Nurse Practioner

Mercy nurse practitioners have advanced education and training in cancer care. Under the direction of your oncologist, a nurse practitioner may prescribe medications, order tests, interpret results and coordinate other aspects of your care.

Nurse Navigator

This nurse is your primary contact during all phases of cancer care, from diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship. They serve as educators, advocates and guides, helping you understand your diagnosis, treatments and next steps.

Oncology Nurse

Oncology nurses have specialized knowledge and experience in cancer care. Some have oncology certification, which indicates they’ve mastered a broad body of cancer knowledge.

Cancer Survivorship Program

At Mercy, your cancer care doesn’t end when you finish treatment. Our survivorship program for cancer patients includes monitoring your health, managing side effects and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Services vary by location but may include:

  • Individualized treatment summaries for all cancer survivors
  • Next steps for medical follow-up and screenings
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Nutritional counseling and exercise programs
  • Integrative medicine services to support you in mind, body and spirit
  • Resources for addressing psychological and social needs
  • Referrals to other specialists

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