Integrative Oncology


What Is Integrative Oncology?

Integrative oncology is an approach to cancer care that brings together complementary therapies and traditional cancer treatments to promote healing in body, mind and spirit. At Mercy, we treat the whole person, not just cancer. Our integrative oncology therapies can help optimize your overall health and wellbeing.

Integrative Oncology Services

Mercy offers a wide range of integrative oncology therapies using evidence-based, mind-body practices. Our integrative medicine treatments and therapies for cancer, including acupuncture, chiropractic, healing touch, reflexology, mindfulness/mediation, Tai Chi and exercise classes.

Some of our integrated oncology services may not be offered at all locations. Talk with your Mercy cancer care team to find out more.

Benefits of Integrative Cancer Therapies

Integrative cancer therapies and treatments offer several advantages, including:

  • Reduced side effects
  • Less pain
  • Faster return to normal activities
  • Improved quality of life
  • Lower stress levels
  • Enhanced overall wellbeing

Therapy for Cancer Patients

We also provide cancer rehabilitation services to people facing cancer. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists can help you manage side effects and symptoms during and after cancer treatment. They support people with all types of cancer, providing specialized therapies to address:

  • Balance and gait problems
  • Cognitive side effects
  • Difficulty with daily activities
  • Headaches
  • Lymphedema (fluid buildup under the skin)
  • Neuropathy (nerve damage) from chemotherapy
  • Pain (muscle, bone, nerve and post-mastectomy pain)
  • Radiation fibrosis syndrome
  • Speech and language disorders
  • Swallowing difficulty
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Weakness and fatigue

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