Child Epispadias


When your child is born with a rare condition, you can feel all alone. One example is epispadias, in which the urethra does not develop into a full tube and urine exits the body from an abnormal location. Doctors don’t know what causes this condition, though it may occur when the nearby pubic bone doesn’t develop properly.

Epispadias symptoms in boys include:

  • The urethra opens on the top or side of the penis instead of the tip.
  • Backward flow of urine into the kidney.
  • A short or widened penis with an abnormal curve.

Epispadias symptoms in girls include:

  • The urethra opens between the clitoris and the labia or in the belly area.
  • Backward flow of urine into the kidney.
  • Trouble controlling urination.

Only 1 in 117,000 boys are born with epispadias, and about 1 in 484,000 girls. Your child may need surgery to control the flow of urine and fix the appearance of their genitals.

At Mercy Kids, we understand your concerns and can discuss your child’s treatment options. And thanks to our team approach, your pediatrician will coordinate treatment with other Mercy specialists to provide your child the best care.

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