Child Epispadias FAQs

Your urethra is the tube that urine passes through when it leaves your body. Sometimes babies are born with urethra issues that cause a condition called epispadias.

What’s child epispadias?

Epispadias is a rare birth defect at the opening of the urethra. In this condition, the urethra doesn’t fully develop, and urine exits the body from an abnormal location.

In boys with epispadias, the urethra opens on top of the penis rather than at the tip. The space between the opening and tip appears like an open book. In girls with epispadias, the urethra opens toward the clitoris or belly area. This keeps the genitals and urethra from functioning well.

What causes child epispadias?

The exact cause is unknown, but experts say it could be related to abnormal pubic bone development. Epispadias can also cause a rare defect in which the bladder is inside out and exposed through the abdominal wall.

How is child epispadias treated?

Different surgery options are available for boys and girls. The goal is to make the genitals look and work as normally as possible. Treatment is ideally done with the fewest number of surgeries. 

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