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Kids don’t come with an owner’s manual, and they don’t operate on anyone else’s schedule. It’s what makes finding a pediatrician such an important task. Your Mercy pediatrician is the first line of personalized care for your child – from the first days of life through young adulthood.

Along with a Mercy pediatrician comes a team of experts and specialists who can coordinate and personalize care for specialized conditions. Plus, you can connect to your child's Mercy Clinic physician through MyMercy, our free online tool that helps you manage your child's health anytime, anywhere.

Through our primary care pediatricians, specialists and online resources, Mercy has your child’s health covered, no matter how routine or special his or her case may be. 

Questions to Ask a Pediatrician

Pediatricians take care of your child beginning in infancy and stay with your child through adolescence. From ear infections and colic to school physicals and sports injuries all the way to adolescence and acne and infections from piercing, your pediatrician remains a constant in your child’s life. This is why you need to be comfortable with your pediatrician. Fit matters. The best way to determine fit is to schedule an appointment and come prepared to ask questions. When meeting with a pediatrician for the first time, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Where does the doctor have hospital privileges?
  • Will the doctor (or another physician in the practice) see my new baby in the hospital? Or will the first contact be an office visit?
  • What are the physician’s office hours? Are there certain days of the week when hours might be extended? Are there evening or Saturday hours?
  • How does the pediatrician’s office handle telephone calls?
  • Does the pediatrician accept and answer questions via email?
  • How long does it typically take to get a non-emergency appointment for my child?
  • How are appointments scheduled for sick children?
  • Are there separate well and sick waiting rooms?
  • Whom do I contact in an emergency? How do I reach the doctor or his staff after hours?
  • How does the practice feel about vaccines? Breastfeeding? Circumcision?
  • How does the office handle billing, payments, lab charges or insurance claims?
  • Is the staff friendly?

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