Pediatric Orthopedics

Pediatric Orthopedics

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Some children seem like they’re constantly in motion. Sometimes, that motion gets interrupted by a stumble or collision, which can lead to broken bones, strains and sprains.

Other children are born with or develop conditions that prevent them from moving freely. These include:

  • Spina bifida: bones of the spine don't form properly around part of the baby's spinal cord
  • Scoliosis: causes the spine to curve side to side
  • Clubfoot: foot is turned downward and inward
  • Vertical talus: the foot’s arch curves down and out
  • Blount disease: a growth disorder that causes the bones of the lower leg to bow outward

Taking care of children’s bones, joints and muscles requires special training, especially because kids are constantly growing. Mercy Kids is there from birth through adolescence, treating a wide range of conditions through a team of pediatricians and therapists that work with specialists called pediatric orthopedists.

Whether it’s a congenital deformity, playground injury or abnormal growth of muscles or bones, our pediatric orthopedists provide comprehensive pediatric orthopedic care that is prompt, efficient and compassionate. We want children and their parents to understand their treatment and be at ease from diagnosis through surgery and rehab. Our goal is to get children back to doing whatever moves them.

What is Pediatric Orthopedics?

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