Day 210 - What do you Mean, You're Not Going to Eat?

I came home from work today (day 13 of the liquid diet) and began heating up my broth and opening my 39th protein shake in the last two weeks. For some reason, after not really experiencing hunger for the last four days, today I was hungry—maybe it was the pizza party at work earlier that I had to “not so” gracefully decline (basically I ran for my life and hid).  But, my husband informed me he wasn’t that hungry and probably wouldn’t eat dinner.

With a level of incredulity I’ve never quite experienced before, my carb-deprived brain snapped and I rose to an epic level of anger over his lack of eating. When you’re hungry and aren’t allowed to eat because of dietary restrictions, it’s easy to get sideways with someone who can eat, but doesn’t.

Full disclosure, I did apologize later, but not before I launched into a “hangry” tirade, eventually bullying him into eating (pizza, ironically).

I’m not proud of myself and I can’t even completely understand why it bothered me so much, but it’s clearly an example of the power food has on us. I’m slowly breaking the cycle, one day at a time. Surgery in two days…

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