Day 85 - The Protein Dilemma

Up until today, having bariatric surgery seemed just like a distant goal that I had filed away in the “think about it later” cabinet in my brain. But after meeting with the Mercy’s Dr. Edwards, who will be performing my surgery in the next few months, I felt it necessary to start mentally preparing myself, in addition to the physical steps I have taken to prepare over the last several months.

After a thorough discussion of my health history and my outlook for bariatric surgery, we decided that the gastric sleeve surgery would be my best option. I was surprised to learn how minimally invasive this is…only one-two nights in the hospital and a fairly quick recovery time to resume normal physical activity.

He advised me to start experimenting with different protein drinks to prepare for my upcoming liquid diet phase. In my world, the word “protein” in conjunction with the word “drink” is synonymous with a type of low-flavor, liquid-cardboard concoction which I have successfully avoided for most of my life.

But, I’m going to try and keep an open mind when picking one out…I’ll keep everyone posted on the results of my choice.

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