What is Valvuloplasty?

Valvuloplasty is a procedure performed to repair and improve a heart valve that has narrowed or become stiff. Called stenosis, the narrowing of the valve can occur from disease, age, calcium deposits or infection.

Valvuloplasty Procedure

During a valvuloplasty, a thin flexible tube (catheter) with a small deflated balloon at its tip is threaded through a blood vessel in the groin area to the narrowed heart valve. The balloon is then inflated to stretch the valve open to improving blood flow within the heart.

At Mercy, our cardiovascular specialists use state-of-the-art diagnostics to determine what type of heart valve disease you may have and the best treatment for you. We have an excellent reputation for treating heart valve disease and performing heart valve repair and replacement surgeries.

Our goal is to restore normal heart function and improve your quality of life so that you can return to your normal activities. You can trust that Mercy will provide you with the very best care for your heart and deliver it with compassion.

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