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Pioneering a New Model of Care

As the technology backbone of Mercy, Mercy Technology Services (MTS) supports a broad array of services to help pioneer a new model of care. MTS’ contributions include:

  • Building and managing Mercy’s gold star-rated Epic electronic health record
  • Conducting groundbreaking work in data analytics to improve patient care
  • Ensuring our patients have easy access to Mercy services through the MyMercy patient portal, our website, on-site systems and more

For their efforts, MTS was named one of the Best Hospital IT Departments by Healthcare IT News. 

Protecting Your Information

One of MTS’ most important duties is ensuring our patient's health records are always available. That’s why Mercy built a $60 million, 42,500 square-foot data center in Washington, Missouri. Designed and built specifically to support Mercy’s hospitals, physician clinics and other services, this state-of-the-art facility ensures our systems are available and monitored 24/7, with fail-safe features to withstand a variety of natural events, power or water interruptions and even failures within the building itself. Plus, a second data center in Sunset Hills, Missouri, runs every system in parallel to ensure even our systems will remain online even under the most serious of conditions.

Better Data. Better Care.

As one of the earliest adopters of electronic health record technology, Mercy has collected more than a decade of clinical data. MTS’ experts use cutting-edge analytics tools to learn from that data, finding which processes and products lead to better patient experiences. MTS then helps doctors, nurses and clinical teams use what we’ve learned to map out the best care options and the quickest routes to good health. Here are just some of the ways in which data has improved care for Mercy patients:

  • Reduced mortality rates by 50% for patients with heart failure, pneumonia and colectomy patients
  • Preventing more than 17,000 unnecessary blood transfusions every year
  • Decreased by the time it takes to administer a diuretic to patients with heart failure by nearly 3 hours

A Strategic Partner

Mercy believes in the dignity of every person, and that each patient deserves exceptional care. That’s why we offer our expertise in health care information technology to other health care providers – as an extension of Mercy’s mission.

Because a powerful EHR system can change the kind of care patients receive, MTS became the nation’s first Epic-accredited provider to offer electronic health record (EHR) solutions to other hospitals and health systems. Since then, we’ve expanded our offerings to include:

  • Cloud hosting for a wide variety of health care systems
  • Award-winning data analytics services
  • Medical imaging software, disaster recovery and backup, all offered in an as-a-service model
  • An industry-leading real-world evidence clinical research platform

Providers who partner with us can take advantage of Mercy’s lessons learned over more than a decade of experience using Epic and other systems to improve patient care.

MTS in the News

Mercy’s leadership in optimizing technology has earned some of health care’s highest honors and industry-wide recognition.
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MTS provides and manages technology solutions for Mercy, the nation's first health care provider accredited by Epic, to offer a full suite of electronic health record solutions to other hospitals, including Epic in the cloud, implementation and optimization. MTS' award-winning data analytics help reduce waste, manage health care's highest costs and support a model of care that keeps patients healthier.

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