Classes, Seminars and Events in St. Louis

Cancer Orientation and Support

Register for cancer center orientations and support groups.

Classes for Kids

Find children classes that teach about self-care and sitter skills.

Continuing CME/CNE

Register for Continuing Medical and Nursing Education conferences around various topics in the medical field.

CPR and First Aid

Learn how CPR for infants, children and adults and first aid for choking.

Diabetes Management

Find classes on managing gestational or Type 2 diabetes.

Fertility and Human Life

Sign up for classes on sexuality, reproduction or developing teens.

Healing Hearts

Join a support group to help you through grief and bereavement.

Integrative Classes and Programs

Get active with integrative activities and exercises.

Maternity Classes

Prepare for labor and birth or try a prenatal yoga class.

Maternity Center Tours

Sign up for a tour of the Mercy Maternity Center.

New Moms

Connect with new moms or breastfeed with confidence.

NICU Classes

Join other NICU parents to learn CPR or resources for going home.

Trauma Education

Register for CME classes around trauma education.

Birthing Center Classes

Learn more about the natural childbirth experience.