GME Family Medicine Residents

Letter from the Chiefs

Hello from the chief residents. Our job consists of acting as a liaison between the residents and the faculty. We have a good working relationship with our faculty and act as resident representatives at the weekly faculty meetings and enhance communication between the two groups.

In addition, we are in charge of scheduling residents’ rotations, office days, and most importantly, vacations. The chiefs also plan a yearly resident retreat and help with intern orientation and medical student recruitment.

There are currently 18 residents in the Department of Family Medicine at Mercy Hospital. We are a diverse, laid back group who strive to provide excellent patient care while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Several of us have spouses and children. All of us have outside interests and activities.

Overall, we are a relaxed, friendly group who enjoy life together both inside and outside the hospital.

Chief Residents

Chelsea Drissell, MD

Amanda Schumacher, DO

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