GME OB/GYN Oncology Rotations

For eight weeks of the third year and four weeks of the second year, the residents are on a dedicated Gynecological Oncology service. Working with gynecologic oncologists, residents experience office practice as well as operative surgical experience. They are responsible for office evaluation, preoperative and postoperative care, and participate in the surgery of patients with gynecologic malignancies.  Residents rapidly advance their surgical skills during intense surgical experience with complex cases. One-on-one instruction with the attending is highly regarded as one of the outstanding features of this rotation.

The breadth and depth of Gynecological Oncology is offered on this stimulating rotation. Cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancer are well represented. Additionally more rare problems including gestational trophoblastic disease and fallopian cancer are seen.   Residents are also given instruction in radiation therapy, outpatient chemotherapy, as well as the complications that can accompany surgery in oncologic patients. Additionally, the Gynecological Oncology Service participates in surgically difficult benign cases and occasional obstetrical emergencies.  Gynecologic oncologists instructs resident physicians in colposcopy in the JFK Colposcopy Clinic. They are also exposed to the principles of colposcopy in the oncologist's own office.

This challenging rotation is widely regarded by the resident staff as a critical step in their understanding of the care of complicated surgical patients.

Fourth year electives are available for visiting student physicians.