Individual Learning Experience

About Individual Learning Experiences at Mercy

Thank you for your interest in an Individual Learning Experience at Mercy.  The application and all requirements must be submitted three weeks before your start date to complete all onboarding requirements.

  • Participants must be at least 18 (any exceptions are outlined in the Academic Affiliation Agreement with specific schools/programs).
  • Students requesting an individual experience must be enrolled in a program with an Academic Affiliation Agreement on file between Mercy and the named school program.

If your program does not have an academic affiliation agreement with the Mercy facility where you are requesting a rotation, have your school representative contact us at [email protected] to start the process.

  • Students are responsible for finding their preceptor (preceptors may not be a family member by any blood or marriage relation). Click here for suggestions for finding a preceptor at Mercy. (Note: A preceptor must be obtained prior to submitting an application.)

  • Immunizations must be on file at your school. If not, you must obtain and submit those independently to Mercy using the Student/Shadow Vaccination Verification form.

  • A background check and a 7-panel urine drug screen (minimum) must have been completed after you were accepted into your school’s program and be on file with your school. If not, you must obtain and submit results independently to Mercy. Send results to [email protected].

  • Provide proof of malpractice insurance (only if you are not covered under your school’s insurance policy).

  • Provide the Letter of Good Standing. Your school will be sent a link to fill out upon completing your application. In this link, they will attest to your immunizations and other requirements on file at your school. (Note: You do not need to send any immunization records, background checks, urine drug screen results, or proof of malpractice insurance if your program attests to all being on file at the school using Mercy’s Letter of Good Standing template.)

  • Apply at least 3 weeks prior to the experience start date. You will be contacted via email upon receipt of the application.

  • Apply at least 3 weeks before your rotation start date but not more than 60 days before the start date.

  • Review the dress code policy and the student identification policy.
  1. Once you have secured a Mercy preceptor, fill out the online application.
  2. Submit any required documents (if not on file at your school) to [email protected] after submitting an online application.

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