Activities Underway

May 24, 2011

A variety of activities are underway as Mercy/St. John’s Regional Medical Center emerges from the aftermath of Sunday’s tornado in Joplin, Mo. Here are some updates:

New Mercy Command Center in Joplin

Mercy is establishing a new command center in Joplin that will serve as an interim home base for all operations in rebuilding our presence in Joplin. The command center is located at the Holiday Inn Convention Center. Gary Pulsipher, president of St. John’s Regional Medical Center, is leading the effort to establish the command center and will head up all activities going forward.

Information for Clinical Co-workers

St. John’s Regional Medical Center clinical co-workers are asked to report in to Memorial Hall in Joplin at their regularly scheduled work times.  Non-clinical co-workers are not needed to report to work at this time unless otherwise notified. If co-workers have not already done so, they are asked to call 1-888-98-MERCY (1.888.986.3729) to account for their safety and needs.

Information for All Co-workers

Services and information for Mercy co-workers in the Joplin area are being provided from the command center at the Holiday Inn Convention Center, including:

  • Counseling/EAP services
  • Return-to-work information
  • Benefits and payroll information
  • Information about relief resources

Co-workers may come to the center between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm to check in and access this information. Co-workers are NOT required to come to the command center. The center is available only if you have need of these services.

Co-workers continue to be asked to call 1-888-986-3729 to account for their safety and needs, and to determine the best way to share information with them in the days ahead.

Information about Hospital Patients

Work is still underway to follow up on the majority of the patients who were evacuated from St. John’s on Sunday. Family members who are continuing to locate a loved one are advised to work through the American Red Cross “Safe and Well” site (

Hospital Building Evaluation

Structural engineers currently are evaluating the hospital to determine its safety for entering.The immediate need is for co-workers and patients to be able to retrieve personal items, as well as to begin securing equipment and supplies. The condition of the building also will need to be evaluated by insurance adjusters as soon as structural engineers establish its safety.

Volunteer Efforts

Many Mercy co-workers from across the ministry have asked about the need for volunteers in Joplin. The primary focus continues to be on recovery and rescue, and the American Red Cross is leading those efforts. Mercy recommends that interested co-workers work through the American Red Cross and their state hospital associations about volunteer needs.

Medical Records

Mercy/St. John’s is still developing the process for returning medical records that were found in the area following the tornado. Information will be provided as soon as it is available.

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