Catholic Health World Spotlights Mercy Ebola Preparedness

February 12, 2015

Nurse Manager Tara Messer, RN, holds open the zip-wall

door for new caregivers entering the containment area. 

When the threat of Ebola spread to the U.S., Mercy was prepared. Now the health system's proactive approach is the subject of an article in the latest issue of Catholic Health World.

Mercy's Ebola preparedness team, "keeps current on the disease's progression in Africa and is doing additional planning on Mercy's overall disaster preparedness," writes editor Betsy Taylor. "The team includes executives, administrators and clinicians focused on infection prevention, quality and patient safety, emergency preparedness, environmental services, supply chain, mission, communications and human resources."

In November, Mercy Hospital Jefferson cleared a patient who had been in isolation for 72 hours after returning from West Africa.  Mercy's physicians and staff were fully prepared for the patient's arrival and were confident in their ability to provide appropriate care, based on extensive training and preparation.

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