Mercy Registration Specialist Making a Big Impact

January 22, 2016

June Wollard stands before thousands of letters.

June Wollard has contact with hundreds of patients each day; even though she hasn't met any of them face-to-face in her many years at Mercy, Wollard is making a major impact.

Mallary, a patient at Mercy's walk-in clinic in Rolla, Missouri, reached out to give thanks for how she was treated during registration.

“The woman I spoke to on the phone, June Wollard, helped me update my information and was so extremely friendly. ” June’s expert handling was needed, too, because the patient was dreading the visit, and explained she “didn’t really want to have to go.”

Wollard may be one of the first registration specialists mentioned by name by a grateful patient. She is part of the team at Mercy Hospital Springfield that handles patients from the communities across the Midwest. Supervisor Cherie Fielder, confirms her team sorts through more than 10,000 pieces of returned mail and responds to 1,000-3,000 phone calls every day. 

“We are the first impression for many Mercy patients,” she acknowledges. “If they are call No. 1 or call No. 3000, we want them to get the same special treatment - and June always goes the extra mile for her patients.”

Wollard understands why that extra effort is so appreciated.

“Some of our patients are very sick and very worried when we speak to them, and some are in tears. They need some TLC, and we give it to them, right over the phone.”

For her, it is a privilege to be able to minister to them.

“I talked to a young woman with ovarian cancer not long ago. I was so grateful to be able to tell her that I would be praying for her, and boy, did I!”

June does not remember the woman in Rolla who she helped just a few days before Christmas. But when told how much she helped her, and how Denise Lloyd and the rest of the walk-in vlinic team treated her with just as much warmth and compassion, she gives a shout of joy, saying, “I just love Mercy – and how they love their people.”

For giving the kind of attention and care patients can feel right through the phone, June Wollard is an MVP!

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