Mercy Lincoln Rolls Out Telestroke

February 16, 2016

TROY, Mo. – When someone is having a stroke, every minute counts. That’s why Mercy is bringing telestroke, a service saving lives in other Mercy communities, to Mercy Hospital Lincoln. Telestroke is a time-saving system designed to get stroke patients in front of a board certified neurologist faster than ever before – saving lives and improving outcomes for patients in Lincoln County.

When a patient arrives at the hospital with stroke-like symptoms, the Mercy Lincoln team initiates an immediate video consultation with a neurologist through two-way, audio-visual technology. The physician then evaluates the patient based on specific criteria to determine if t-PA (tissue plasminogen activator) or intra-arterial therapy can be administered to lessen or reverse the damage caused during a stroke.

“It’s imperative to have a possible stroke patient seen by a neurologist quickly because tPA can only be administered within a few hours after symptoms begin,” said Dr. Navin Choudhary, medical director of Mercy Hospital Lincoln emergency department. “Mercy’s telestroke program compliments the already excellent work being done at Mercy Hospital Lincoln and we’re thrilled to be advancing care in our community.”

A stroke occurs when the flow of blood is cut off to the brain causing the brain tissue to die, which can result in permanent damage or death.

Never ignore a stroke’s warning signs and think FASST (Face, Arm, Speech, Sight and Time). If you or a loved one shows signs of a stroke, call 911. Don’t wait.

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