Wall Street Journal Puts Mercy Virtual Front and Center

July 15, 2016

The promises of telemedicine continue to unfold, and Mercy’s position as an industry leader has been highlighted once again -- this time by The Wall Street Journal.

The Mercy Virtual Care Center is featured in the story, “How Telemedicine is Transforming Health Care,” for its uniqueness as a “hospital without beds that provides remote support for intensive care units, emergency rooms and other programs in 38 smaller hospitals from North Carolina to Oklahoma.”

The lead story on the WSJ Health Care page on Monday, June 25, cited statistics showing a 35 percent improvement for length of stay in intensive care units monitored by Mercy Virtual and 30 percent fewer deaths than anticipated.

“That translates to 1,000 people who were expected to die, who got to go home instead,” said Dr. Randy Moore, president of Mercy Virtual.

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