Transportation Driver Wins Quarterly Sunshine Award

May 16, 2019

Transportation driver Tom Parr was selected as the winner of the quarterly Sunshine Award. Similar to the Daisy and Tulip awards, which recognize extraordinary service by nurses, techs and assistants, the Mercy Jefferson Sunshine Award has been established to honor co-workers in any other category.

Tom Parr 6 3x2 Tom Parr, holding the cookie tray, is surrounded by his co-workers at the presentation of the Sunshine Award.

The nomination form recognized Tom’s years of service and his attitude for helping co-workers and patients.

Tom has been in the transportation department for 13 years. He always has a great attitude and is always willing to help co-workers with any problems they may have. Tom trains all new co-workers.

He always put patients and his department’s needs first. He has a great rapport with his patients and co-workers. He also on numerous occasions has helped patients (on his own time) with mowing lawns and has helped patients that needed to move to a different location when they had no one else to help.

Tom always has a smile on his face and goes out of his way to help all his co-workers and patients, and he deeply cares for the good of his department and hospital.

At a surprise presentation in his department Tom received a certificate, a pin to wear on his identification badge and a tray of sunshine-shaped cookies to share with his co-workers.

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