Mercy radiologist discusses breast density in magazine

May 30, 2019

Understanding breast density and its role in breast cancer diagnosis is the subject of a new article in the Radiology Business Journal magazine featuring Christine Ormsby, M.D.

A fellowship-trained breast radiologist at Mercy Hospital Jefferson, Dr. Ormsby talks about her experience with the Hitachi SOFIA 3D whole breast ultrasound system.

Dr Ormsby 3x2 Dr. Christine Ormsby is featured in the latest issue of Radiology Business Journal.

“It is imperative to identify a patient with dense or extremely dense breast tissue,” Dr. Ormsby said in the article. “It affects a radiologist’s ability to interpret the mammogram and affects the patient’s risk of developing breast cancer.”

The system's efficiency and effectiveness are positive for patients, she said. 

 “Our patients understandably come with high levels of stress and anxiety, uncertain of what will be found,” Ormsby says. “We try to do all that we can to ease their mind. Our goal is to try to decrease the stress as these patients navigate the process.”

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