Hospice Team Offers Blessing for Military Veterans

September 5, 2019
Hospice Team 4x3 The Mercy Jefferson Hospice team visited Charles "Tom" Roper at his home.

Mercy Hospice Jefferson honors veterans with a special presentation including prayer, patriotic music and a pinning ceremony in recognition of their service to the United States and our citizens. Led by Hospice Chaplain Cody Alley, a group of hospice team members saluted patient Charles Thomas “Tom” Roper at his home in Festus along with several of his family members.

Roper Family 4x3 Several family members also participated in the ceremony honoring Vietnam veteran Charles "Tom" Roper.

“For veterans who are proud of our nation, they answered her call, defending the freedom and safety of all. On land and at sea or in jets high above, they went out of duty and honor and love. However they served Lord and wherever they went, please bless them and help them to know what it meant. Help us to say thank you to them, for we owe them far more than we could ever say.”

Chaplain Cody offered an additional prayer as he affixed the veterans honor pin to Tom Roper’s Vietnam veteran T-shirt.  

“Sgt. Tom Roper may God bless you and may God give his countenance upon you and give you peace today. We say thank you for your service to our country.”

Charles Tom Roper 3x4 Sgt. Tom Roper with his certificate from Mercy Hospice Jefferson.

Tom credited his service with the United States Marine Corps, and particularly his boot camp experience at age 17, with providing him strength to continue his fight against cancer over the past 12 years.

“I don’t think I could have done this without that training,” Tom said. “I didn’t realize when I was 17 years old what a life changing event that was going to be. It changed me forever. Things that I thought were impossible to do, didn’t seem that way anymore.”

The ceremony is offered for all new Mercy Hospice Jefferson patients with military service. For information click here or call 636-933-1200.

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