Mercy South Announces DAISY Award Winners

September 23, 2019

The DAISY Award is an international program to honor and celebrate nurses who provide extraordinary, compassionate and skillful care every day. The DAISY Foundation established the award in memory of Patrick Barnes who died at age 33 from complications of an auto-immune disease. The care he and his family received from nurses while he was ill inspired the award. Each month, Mercy Hospital South nursing leaders choose an award winner for their facility.

December 2019

Randy Wray, RN, cardiovascular progressive care unit (CVPCU), has earned our latest DAISY Award for going above and beyond to provide compassionate, skillful nursing care.

A co-worker nominated Wray by writing: “A patient was discharged home and forgot their personal inhaler at the bedside. The patient’s wife called our unit to see if we found it. She was worried because she is wheelchair bound and does not drive. Randy overheard the conversation and offered to take the inhaler to her after work. The patient’s wife was happy and thankful. Randy is a patient favorite and always gets recognized for patient satisfaction.”

randy_wray_daisy_group_web Randy Wray, RN, (holding flowers) celebrates his DAISY Award with his co-workers in the cardiovascular progressive care unit (CVPCU) at Mercy Hospital South.

November 2019

Shonata West, RN, Float Pool, earned our latest DAISY Award in honor of the extraordinary, compassionate and skillful care she provides.

A patient wrote this touching nomination for West:

“I was a patient at Mercy South this year. I had surgery and was diagnosed with cancer at 44 years old and I don’t have a history of cancer in my family so all of this was quite a surprise. I had a more invasive, open surgery. During my time at Mercy South, I had an issue after surgery. It was a difficult and often painful stay which I was not prepared for nor did I anticipate the complications.

"All of your staff was incredibly helpful and compassionate. I received excellent care from the nursing staff, particularly Stephanie, Nick, Shonata, Jackie, Tammie, Shelby and Kelly. The nurse assistants (Bridget, Susan and Jessica) were equally helpful and compassionate. However, one nurse in particular really stood out, and I am writing to nominate Shonata for the DAISY Award.

"Shonata cared for me on the evening shift on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. She is not only a very good nurse but an amazing person. She demonstrated so much compassion not only for me but for my wife, who stayed with me throughout this whole ordeal. It’s difficult as a formerly strong, healthy man to be put in such a vulnerable situation, but the way Shonata treated me and dealt with my issues made me feel comfortable and allowed me to keep my dignity. She was so kind and considerate; never missing an opportunity to encourage me when walking or giving a positive vibe throughout her contact with me. There were many instances when Shonata made an impact on me in the way she cared for me, but I wanted to share two stories in particular that I feel went way above and beyond what most nurses would normally do.

"My wife and I were frustrated because we were not getting all of the answers we wanted from the doctor during his early morning visits. She suggested writing down our concerns and presenting them to the doctor the next day. Some of what we were asking was pretty specific and Shonata wasn’t certain of the answers herself. She left my room and returned a short time later with two more experienced nurses. Shonata had tracked down these two nurses who had more experience with my issues, and they were able to answer many of the questions we had. Shonata went out of her way to make us feel more comfortable and to help put our minds at ease.

"On her last night as my nurse, I was visited by my surgeon in the early morning hours while Shonata was still on duty. We received some bad news about the pathology from my surgery. Shonata was comforting to both me and my wife. She hugged my wife and remained positive about the upcoming treatment I would need. She stayed with us until we were able to compose ourselves and truly helped us feel better about my prognosis. That Monday also happened to be my birthday. After Shonata was relieved from duty that morning (and was no longer being paid to be there), she returned to my room about an hour after her shift had ended. She had purchased a dessert for me and my wife to celebrate my birthday once I was better. She also had bought and wrapped a framed picture with an inspirational quote and gave me a birthday card. Inside the card, Shonata had written a kind message of encouragement and included a comforting bible verse. I can’t tell you how much that meant to my wife and me. For someone I had only known for a few days over a couple of nights to make such a considerate gesture, and with her own money, was remarkable to me. She truly made an impact on me.”

shonata_west_vertical_web Shonata West, RN, earned the latest DAISY Award for the extraordinary care she provided a patient.

October 2019

Carol Deboard, RN, Skin Wound Ostomy Team (SWOT), earned the latest DAISY Award at Mercy South. Deboard received two nominations for the same care: one from her co-workers from SWOT and another from a patient, Nancy Velten. Velten was so appreciated of the care she received, she returned to Mercy South to surprise Deboard with the news she won the DAISY Award.

Velten nominated Deboard by writing:

“Carol Deboard from SWOT did so much for me that I knew I had to do something to recognize her. When learning I had Ileostomy surgery, she turned a horrible wake up call for me into a situation that both mentally and physically became more tolerable. I won’t belabor my surgery but rather about what a wonderful lady did to help me come to grips with this life changing experience. I was devastated, horrified and really, really scared of the appliance that I now wore. I didn’t know what to do with it or how to wear it. What happens now?  What happens in a week, a month or when I’m released to go home? The mere thought of all of these unanswered questions was driving me into a depression the depths of which I didn’t think I could ever go to or climb out of.

“Then Carol turned up at my bedside, gave me hope and started to give me and my husband confidence to tackle this change to our lives. I can’t tell you how many times she came to my room to inquire, ‘How are you doing today?’ or sit for five minutes and assure me ‘things will get better.’ She even scheduled a special training for my husband and me and walked us through ‘the steps’ of cleaning, changing appliances and everything else involved. Carol’s name became standard conversation between me, other family members, and friends; and I clung to the guidance and hope she gave us. Each visit she would provide me with the articles, magazines, websites and exceptional places to visit on YouTube.

“Carol is a caregiver; a wonderfully skilled professional woman in her field and a tremendous asset to the hospital, her supervisor and, perhaps the most important, to her patients. My husband and I would have been lost without her. She so much deserves the DAISY Award and I pray that whatever powers that be, who makes the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ decisions for this award please note that Ms. Deboard is considered favorably.”

nancy_velton_and_carol_deboard_web Nancy Velten (left) came back to Mercy South to honor Carol Deboard for the care she provided Velton, which earned Deboard the DAISY Award.

September 2019

Mishelle White, RN, de Greeff Hospice House, earned the DAISY Award at Mercy Hospital South.

A patient’s daughter nominated White by writing: “Mishelle is very good at what she does. My father was in hospice for six days, and she was very caring, thoughtful, friendly, patient and knowledgeable. Hospice, in my opinion, would be a difficult place to work. I told her this and she answered with a positive, telling us it is a rewarding place to be and that she felt honored to take care of the dying. We all felt relieved when she was the RN during my father’s brief stay. Kudos to Mishelle for being an exemplary nurse.”

daisy_mishelle_white_vertical_web Mishelle White, RN, de Greeff Hospice House, earned a DAISY Award at Mercy Hospital South for compassionate, extraordinary nursing care.

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