DAISY Award Honors Nurses for Extraordinary Service

September 27, 2019

Lauren Mueller Wins Springfield DAISY Award

Lauren was a light in the dark for a family facing end-of-life decisions for their grandmother. Her nominator wrote:

Lauren works the 7 a.m. -7 p.m. shift on 6A ICU, and was assigned to take care of my dear grandmother in August. Initially, upon her morning admission there was hope for Granny’s healing, but by mid-afternoon all hope was lost and Lauren was tasked with walking us through end-of-life decisions. Lauren exemplified every single Mercy value. In each step of our painful journey, Lauren provided comfort and compassion. She kept us informed on a level that was easy to understand and made us feel comfortable in an unfamiliar ICU room full of machines. She compassionately walked my Grandfather through saying goodbye to his wife of over 60 years.

As a health care provider myself, she met me at my level of understanding and completely encouraged my need to feel involved. Lauren multi-tasked all the big things like ventilators and CVVH dialysis but also stayed on top of the small things such as artificial tears, foot drop and changing Granny’s sheets even for the tiniest drops of blood. Health care providers always say to treat patients like they’re family, but Lauren truly meant it and showed it in her actions. Even as Granny was taking her last breaths, our entire family was talking of how this journey would’ve been impossible without Lauren by our side. She was the only positivity and light in a day full of darkness.

Lauren even stayed an hour late that night to help us walk through the hardest parts—even though she had a husband and two-year-old son waiting for her at home. Lauren was supposed to leave for vacation to South Carolina the next day, but stayed late for us. She was so amazing and feels like family now. If anyone ever has deserved the DAISY award, it is her.

Congratulations Lauren, on winning the DAISY Award. 

Lauren Mueller 2

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