Twin Sisters Welcome Babies on Same Day

November 12, 2019

ST. LOUIS - Twins often have lots in common, but having babies on the same day takes it to a whole new level. 

Lisa Boyce and Lauren Kozelichki grew up sharing everything and hitting milestones on the same day. But, the twin sisters never imagined their kids would share a birthday. 

Kozelichki announced her pregnancy just a week after Boyce and one week later found out she was expecting twins. 

"We joked about it, but never expected the babies would come on the same day," Kozelichki said. "There were so many things that had to fall into place to make that happen."

Boyce's baby boy was measuring big so toward the end of the pregnancy she was scheduled for an induction. At the same time, Kozelichki's twins were breach so she was scheduled for a c-section. 

"My induction was two days before Lauren's c-section," Boyce commented. "As a first time mom, I figured I would have the baby on Tuesday afternoon, get home and be there to help support Lauren on Thursday."

Twins Lisa Boyce and Lauren Kozelichki welcomed babies on the same day, by the same doc, just 10 hours apart.

However, things didn't go quite as planned. After a long labor, Boyce ended up with a c-section just after midnight on Thursday.

"When I didn't get a call or text at midnight, I knew our babies would be born on the same day," Kozelichki laughed. "It definitely made it convenient for family members."

Another surprise for the family was the gender of Kozelichski's twins. She and husband Kole have two little girls at home, so they wanted the gender to be a surprise.

"We are a family of girls. Along with Lisa and I, we have three sisters," Kozelichki said. "Since we have two girls at home, we thought it would be fun to be surprised."

Since Boyce had just had her own baby and was still in the hospital, she  got special permission for her husband Steve to wheel her down to hear the reveal.  Once the twins arrived, Boyce found our their baby boy, Benjamin, would have a boy cousin. Kozelichki welcomed a boy and girl, Cooper and Vada.

The party continued as family and friends visisted three new babies just down the hall from one another. 

"We didn't realize it was so rare," Boyce said. "All the nurses and doctors commented they had never had twin sisters have babies on the same day and one twin even having twins just added to it."

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