Mercy St. Louis Unveils Its Hope Lodge Door

July 10, 2020

Mercy Hospital St. Louis is a location for one of 42 Doors of Hope, related to the American Cancer Society’s Hope is Home project to raise funds and awareness to revitalize and sustain Hope Lodge St. Louis.

Stephen Mackin, Mercy senior vice president and Mercy Hospital St. Louis president, unveiled the Mercy door with a brief presentation touching on his family’s experience and how it drew him to Hope Lodge.

“When my dad was diagnosed with cancer before we moved to St. Louis, I offered to have him stay in my home,” Mackin said. “But he opted to stay in a home-like setting for cancer patients, much like Hope Lodge, for the comfort and community of being around others undergoing treatment.”

As Mercy welcomes more cancer patients from out of town and out of state, Hope Lodge is an important resource.

Mercy St. Louis Unveils is Hope Lodge Door

One of 42 doors placed throughout the St. Louis area, Mercy's door was unveiled and is viewable to the right of the main entrance doors.

The door on Mercy’s campus, called Cancer Survivors Tree of Life, was designed by Sherry Salant. The painting is mixed media incorporating alcohol ink, acrylics and digital painting together to bring vibrant, colorful leaves where the survivors are climbing the tree to hang the multicolored ribbons for different types of cancer.

The door is to the right of the Main Entrance off Conway Road. Your health is important to us, so please observe social distancing and masking requirements while on campus. You can view the door from your car going through the circle drive.

View each of the 42 doors and then vote to choose one to put on display at the new Hope Lodge St. Louis. Locations and a map can be found here.

The front and back of the Hope Lodge St. Louis door at Mercy St. Louis. The front and back of the Hope Lodge St. Louis door at Mercy St. Louis.