Toyota Grant to Pay for COVID Care Home Kits

February 24, 2021

TROY, Mo. – Patients who are sent home from Mercy Hospital Lincoln’s emergency department for Mercy’s COVID Care @ Home program will have no additional cost for their home-care kits thanks to a grant from Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Missouri.

The $12,500 Toyota grant to Mercy Health Foundation Lincoln will fund COVID Care @ Home kits, which include a pulse oximeter, thermometer and informational card listing available resources close to home where patients can get groceries or meals without leaving their homes or vehicles.

“Scaling up the work of local hospitals and nonprofits is critical to meeting the increased needs due to COVID-19,” said Wes Woods, president of Toyota Missouri. “Toyota is grateful for the hard work and dedication of healthcare workers, and we’re proud to support Mercy’s care initiatives for our community.”

Mercy COVID Care @ Home offers 24/7 remote, in-home care and monitoring for patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms, keeping them safe in their own homes. 

Mercy Hospital Lincoln ER nurses Deb Garnto and Emily Mudd display the COVID Care @ Home kit. Mercy Hospital Lincoln ER nurses Deb Garnto and Emily Mudd display the COVID Care @ Home kit.


“I am proud to live in a community where partnerships between organizations can focus on providing the most good during times of special need,” said Dustin Gibbs, RN, Mercy Lincoln emergency department nurse manager.

 “With the COVID Care @ Home kits generously provided by Toyota, patients seen at Mercy Hospital Lincoln can go home with the peace of mind knowing providers will continue to monitor their symptoms, vital signs and oxygenation and determine the best plan of care in real time. We’re able to keep desperately needed hospital beds more available in our area for those who need them the most while also safely extending time at home for those with less critical but developing respiratory symptoms.”