Mercy Fort Smith Presents Mercy Week Awards

September 27, 2021

Mercy Day sign

Mercy Week (Sept. 20-24) is a celebration of the Sisters of Mercy and the founding of Mercy by Sister Catherine McAuley, who taught her followers to abide by Mercy’s values: Excellence, Service, Justice, Dignity and Stewardship. In Fort Smith, Mercy leaders recognized five co-workers who exemplify these values, as well as two co-workers who are "lamplighters" at Mercy and in the community.

Traci Snell Traci Snell, center, received the Excellence Award.

Traci Snell is executive director of oncology and imaging services at Mercy Fort Smith and is the winner of this year's Excellence Award. “Traci Snell is an excellent leader," says Mercy Fort Smith Vice President Janeen Kueck. "The work she does is a ministry. She has a servant’s heart and a bias for action. Traci always puts others first. Traci is an example of what Mercy stands for. She always looks for ways to improve patient care. Congratulations, Traci. Well deserved.”

Lucinda Eberhard Lucinda Eberhard was presented with this year's award for Service.

Lucinda Eberhard is a nurse who was recognized with the Service Award. Cheri Soubiron, chief nursing officer at Mercy Fort Smith, says: "Having watched you over the past year and a half do absolutely everything that's ever asked of you, your ability to go from the bedside into management and back to the bedside and keep everything going was just phenomenal. I cannot wait to see where your leadership journey takes you, and I'm very proud of the leader you are today."

Staci Anhault Stacie Anhalt was presented with the Justice Award.

Stacie Anhalt is a certified dietary manager with Mercy Hospital Paris who was recognized with the Justice Award. April Mayo, director of nursing at Mercy Hospital Paris says: "It's co-workers like you who inspire me to be a better leader. I could not think of a more deserving person for this award. I thank you for the many talents that you share with us each and every day. You have a passion for making sure our community has access to care and that they get the treatment and the health care they deserve in this community."

Lisa Waithall Lisa Walthall was presented with the award for Stewardship.

Lisa Walthall is part of the pharmacy team at Mercy Fort Smith who helps play an essential role in patient care. She was recognized with the Stewardship Award. Michael Thames, pharmacy and hospice director at Mercy Fort Smith, says: "You've done so much over the past year to impact our patients. You've just been such a positive influence in the pharmacy and in the hospital. We know that stewardship is the giving of our time and our talents and our resources and what we're willing to commit to the future of this ministry. What you've committed over the last year is just amazing to me."

Madison Davis Madison Davis is this year's winner of the Dignity Award.

Madison Davis is device coordinator at Mercy Clinic Cardiology - Fort Smith who was recognized on Mercy Day with the Dignity Award. Madison's care and kindness extends beyond patient care to her own team members. She has given the shoes off her feet to a fellow clinic co-worker! Says Tracy Cumbie, operations supervisor: "Madison is not only an intelligent co-worker, but she compassionate, she's caring, she lives out the healing ministry of Jesus every day. She treats each co-worker and each patient as if they were her own family. She truly does treat everyone with dignity, as we are so glad to have her."

Andrew Riche FS Dr. Andrew Riche received the R. Cole Goodman Physician Lamplighter Award.

Dr. Andrew Riche is this year's recipient of the R. Cole Goodman Physician Lamplighter Award. Dr. Riche works tirelessly in his role with the McAuley Clinic, the hospitalist OB program and Catherine's Light, a program that helps patients with postpartum depression. "I cannot think of a person more deserving of this award than Dr. Riche," says Dr. Paul Bean, chief of medical affairs at Mercy Fort Smith. "He's been instrumental in developing the OB-ED. Without his guidance and vision, it would never have happened. He's also involved with Heart to Heart, an outreach program in Fort Smith. He's such an asset to all of us and to the community."

Pat Morris Pat Morris, center left, received the Co-Worker Lamplighter Award.

Pat Morris was recognized on Mercy Day with the Co-Worker Lamplighter Award. Pat has been instrumental in securing funding for projects both for Mercy and for the Fort Smith community, including the school-based health center with Fort Smith Public Schools and outreach for the Sebastian County Opioid Task Force. Says Father Paul Fetsko, vice president of mission at Mercy Fort Smith: "Pat is seen as a leader and a doer, even by people outside of Mercy. Pat, you are bold, you are tenacious, you are energetic, and you are fully dedicated to Mercy. Keep up what you are doing for as long as you can, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you."