Mercy Named Best Large System in U.S. for Excellent Patient Care

August 18, 2022

Mayo Clinic, Mercy Collaborate to Globally Transform Patient Care

Mercy Offers New GRAIL Blood Test to Detect 50+ Types of Cancer

by Mercy's Joe Poelker

Mercy has earned the 2022 Excellence in Patient Experience Award as the top large health system in the country for patient experience, a distinction made by NRC Health, a leader in building personalized health care solutions and data-driven insights.

NRC Health’s 2022 Excellence in Patient Experience Award recognizes health systems and hospitals that have demonstrated their commitment to improving patients’ care experiences.

“This award is all about the patient experience and that is central to everything we do,” said Dr. John Mohart, president of Mercy communities, who leads operations for all Mercy hospitals. “Our medical team always puts health and safety first, but the patient experience goes far beyond clinical care. Whether it’s our food service team, housekeepers or volunteers, it takes every Mercy co-worker to make patients a priority and give them the best experience possible.”

Award winners are selected based on the real-time “would recommend” ratings from patients. One winner is honored in each of the following eight categories of facilities: small, medium and large health systems; small, medium and large hospitals; pediatric facilities; and medical groups. Mercy was selected as the top large health system based on patient feedback collected from April 1, 2021, through March 31, 2022, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is incredibly gratifying to be able to honor another esteemed group of organizations this year who deliver exceptional patient care day in and day out,” said Helen Hrdy, chief growth officer at NRC Health. “Human understanding is at the core of what we do, and to see it come to life is rewarding beyond words. Congratulations to Mercy for this recognition. Their work is inspiring!”

A complete list of winners is available at nrchealth.com. The NRC award follows the recently announced collaboration between Mercy and Mayo Clinic to transform patient care and find diseases earlier and the recently announced availability of an innovative blood test at Mercy to detect more than 50 types of cancer in early stages.

Patient smiling at a co-worker

“This honor from NRC Health means every aspect of a patient’s care at Mercy is important, beginning when they schedule an appointment and through the follow-up care long after the clinic, virtual or hospital visit,” said Dr. Jeff Ciaramita, Mercy’s chief physician executive.