North American Spine Society Honors Mercy’s Dr. Alex P. Michael

December 14, 2023

Alex P. Michael, MD, a neurosurgeon with Mercy Clinic Neurosurgery – 10012 Kennerly at Mercy South, was named one of this year’s “20 Under 40” by SpineLine, the official publication of the North American Spine Society.

The 20 Under 40 honor recognizes health care providers who are making a difference in spine care.

In addition to his work with Mercy, Dr. Michael, is the national medical director of teleneurosurgery for Access Telecare and has collaborated with NASA physicians and researchers to edit the textbook “Spaceflight and the Central Nervous System.”

Mercy doctor's coat Alex P. Michael, neurosurgeon with Mercy Clinic Neurosurgery - 10012 Kennerly

“Growing up in the St. Louis, I was fascinated with both medicine and aeronautics,” Dr. Michael said. “Telehealth has the ability to bring neurosurgical expertise to underserved areas leading to faster access to care and improved patient outcomes. This easily translates to spaceflight medicine where physicians help care for those in the most remote and harshest of environments.”

Read more about Dr. Michael and how his work has advanced the understanding of aerospace medicine and expanded the capabilities of neurosurgical care through telemedicine.