Tech Tips: Nine Ways Mercy Simplifies Health Care in 2024

January 4, 2024

In the midst of hectic schedules and endless to-do lists, managing health care just got easier, thanks to Mercy. Mercy’s consumer experience team has created user-friendly platforms designed to make managing health care easier. With the tap of a screen, patients can book an appointment, check in online, see their doctor virtually, request prescription refills, access electronic health records and much more – all from the convenience of their device.

“Mercy’s goal is to make health care as effortless as possible, so patients get the care they need – when, where and how they need it,” said Joe Kelly, Mercy’s chief transformation officer. “We’re constantly innovating and using the latest technology so consumers can more easily access care. For nearly 200 years, the Sisters of Mercy have pursued health care access for all. Innovation is in Mercy’s DNA, and developing new technologies is one of many ways we continue that work.” 

Mercy doctor's coat Access health care on the go thanks to Mercy's tech platforms.

In 2023, Mercy introduced several new technologies to simplify the consumer experience. Looking ahead, plans are underway for an updated app with new features and more options for walk-in specialty care without an appointment.

“Mercy’s focus is on creating a personalized and cohesive user experience for those seeking care at Mercy,” said Kristin Ebert, Mercy’s chief experience officer. “Every decision we make is geared toward empowering consumers to access health care in a way that suits their preferences and aligns with their lifestyles.”

Here are nine tech tips from Mercy for care on the go:

  1. Mercy Now: Mercy’s digital navigation tool, available at mercynow.net, helps people choose the most suitable, low-cost care option, whether it’s digital, virtual or in person.

  2. MyMercy App: Mercy’s convenient app easily manages health care for patients and their families in one place, providing direct access to electronic health records, appointment scheduling, prescriptions, physician chats, bill payments and more.

  3. Mercy Express Care: Accessible via Mercy Now or the MyMercy app, this digital interview service, ideal for minor conditions like UTIs or sinus infections, allows patients to answer a series of questions about their symptoms. The interview is completely private. A treatment plan is then emailed to them. Live Mercy providers review and approve all treatment plans, even signing off on prescriptions. If additional care is needed, providers will schedule a virtual visit or follow-up appointment.

  4. Toni: Mercy’s virtual assistant named “Toni” offers secure, personalized service around the clock, helping schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, answer billing questions and more. If someone prefers to speak with a real person, Toni can seamlessly transfer them while keeping track of what has been discussed. The tool can be accessed on Mercy’s website or in the MyMercy app.

  5. Orthopedics Walk-In: Patients can reserve a walk-in appointment with an orthopedic specialist on mercy.net. The service is currently available in St. Louis, Springfield and Joplin, with plans to expand to more than a dozen locations in communities Mercy serves.

  6. Patient Self-Scheduling: MyMercy app users can schedule appointments at their convenience, choosing providers or physicians they’ve already seen. This feature is also available on mercy.net with new or existing providers for primary care, pediatrics, OBGYN, and other speciality visits.

  7. Fast Pass: Patients with a scheduled appointment can be placed on a ‘wait list’ and receive an email or MyMercy notification offering earlier appointment options allowing them to receive care sooner for imaging, primary care and therapy services.

  8. e-Check In: Available 7 days before appointments, online check-in is a time-saving service available online or in the MyMercy app, allowing patients to skip the paperwork in the office. Uploading insurance cards, medical histories and symptoms are securely and seamlessly integrated into a patient’s electronic health record.

  9. Self Check-In: If patients haven’t had a chance to complete check-in before their appointment, they can quickly do it on site at a self-check in station. With the click of a button, their care team will know when the patient has arrived.

Coming in 2024: Watch for the new MyMercy+ app with additional features, more options for self-scheduling and an expanded chatbot that helps users navigate their healthcare by answering questions 24/7.