Get to Know Dr. Chris D'Silva

March 14, 2024

Q. Did you always know you wanted to be a doctor/health care provider?

A. I initially wanted to become an astronaut but quickly realized that my stomach couldn't handle the G-forces. I quickly transitioned over to medicine after that. My father is a physician in Kansas City so I was able to witness firsthand the relationships and impact he was able to have as a primary care physician.

Q. What drew you to family medicine?

A. I was exposed to family medicine and clinical practice at a young age because of my father. The ability to build long-term relationships with patient was the initial draw for me. Once I learned more about medical practice, I chose family medicine because of the wide scope of practice that family physicians are able to diagnose and treat on a daily basis. 

Q. What is your favorite thing about your job?

A. I really appreciate the community-based care aspect of family medicine. Being in charge of integrating care between multiple specialties and communicating that with patients is always exciting. I also appreciate the flexibility that family medicine gives me to spend time with my wife and three sons.  

Q. What made you want to join Mercy?

A. Mercy views treating patients as a ministry which is something that was very meaningful to me. Being able to use the skills that I have gained to spread the good news of the gospel is something that both Mercy and myself care about deeply. 


Dr. D'Silva is accepting new patients and online scheduling is available: https://www.mercy.net/doctor/christopher-dsilva-do/