Criteria for Bariatric Surgery

For consideration into a bariatric surgical program, patients must have:

  • Current BMI of greater than 40 or BMI of greater than 35 with obesity related comorbidities. 
  • Longstanding history of obesity despite failed medical weight loss regimens with documentation of at least three years of previous weights.
  • Motivated patient who can demonstrate a lifetime commitment to a surgical weight loss program with nutritional guidelines and follow‐up appointments. 
  • Letter of referral from primary care physician with as much health information as possible.
  • Verification from insurance provider that bariatric surgery consultation is a covered benefit (i.e. will the provider even consider coverage for surgery) or the patient is willing to self finance. 
  • No drug or alcohol addiction and no poorly controlled mental disorder that would interfere with appropriate follow‐up regimens and compliance.
  • Must have quit smoking for at least two months prior to surgery.
  • Between the ages of 18‐65.
  • Weighs less than 400 lbs. and BMI < 55.
  • Willing and able to use effective birth control for at least 18 months after surgery (women only).

**Each patient that meets the above criteria is then evaluated collectively by our multidisciplinary team to assess their candidacy for weight loss surgery.