Account Access Changes FAQs

Beginning January 19, there will be changes to the amount of access you have to your child’s health information through MyMercy. The changes vary depending on the age of your child.

Get answers to frequently asked questions about upcoming changes to account access:

Account Access through MyMercy is how individuals (parents/guardians or those who’ve been granted access) view the health information of other individuals online.

There’s a good chance you’ve never even accessed provider and clinician notes on your MyMercy account. They are detailed documentation of the discussion between the patient and provider. Notes could include, but are not limited to, recommendations made during the office visit, provider's findings from a physical exam or provider's thoughts about results of lab tests, x-rays, scans, biopsies or other studies. To access notes on your own MyMercy account, simply click on Visits, choose a visit and click on View Notes.

If you have questions about these account access changes, please discuss them with your provider at your next visit.

In accordance with the 21st Century Cures Act, which seeks to provide patients and anyone responsible for a patient’s care with complete, timely access to health information, Mercy is making changes to the type of account access available to account of minors to ensure confidentiality in the patient-provider relationship. As advocates for our most vulnerable patients, we must address their needs for dignity and privacy to ensure open communication with their care team, so they receive the best possible health care.

Patients 16 years and older can register for a MyMercy account using their Patient Information, MyMercy Access Code (provided by their Mercy care team) or by their Insurance Member ID.


To register using Patient Information:

  1. On the MyMercy registration page, select “Patient Information”.
  2. Provide your email address.
  3. You’ll receive a verification code via email to validate your email address.
  4. After verification, you’ll provide name, gender, birthdate, social security number, address and phone number, which will allow us to find you in our system to create your account.


To register using MyMercy Access Code:

  1. On the MyMercy registration page, select “Access Code”.
  2. Provide the 15 digit access code, date of birth and last 4 digits of your social security number. If you recently visited your provider’s office, you may have received your 15 digit access code, which valid for 120 days. If you did not receive an access code, contact your Mercy provider’s office and sign up today.


To register using Insurance Member ID:

  1. On the MyMercy registration page, select “Insurance Member ID”.
  2. Provide your Insurance Member ID, date of birth and last 4 digits of your social security number.