Upcoming Changes to Account Access


At Mercy, we believe in being fully transparent, so we want to let you know about upcoming changes to Account Access on MyMercy. Account Access through MyMercy is how individuals (parents/guardians or those who’ve been granted access) view the health information of other individuals online.

The 21st Century Cures Act has introduced new rules surrounding data-sharing policies. In accordance with this new law, Mercy is making a few changes to the type of account access available to accounts of minors to protect confidentiality between the minor and their provider. As advocates for our most vulnerable patients, we must address minors' needs for dignity and privacy to ensure open communication with their care team, so they receive the best possible health care.

To align with the 21st Century Cures Act, beginning January 19, there will be slight changes to the information you see about your child’s health through MyMercy.

The changes vary depending on the age of your child. We’re breaking it down, so you’ll have a clear understanding of any changes to your access.

At certain age milestones, access to your child’s account will change:

Ages 12

You’ll still have access to your child’s MyMercy account through your MyMercy account, so you can send messages, see test results/office visit summaries and schedule appointments as usual. On their 12th birthday, provider and clinician notes will no longer be visible. Learn more about provider/clinician notes.

Age 16

After their 16th birthday, your teen will have the opportunity to set up their own MyMercy account. You’ll still be able to access their account through your MyMercy account to schedule appointments, manage prescriptions, pay bills and access information regarding immunizations and allergies.

Talking With Your Child about Granting Account Access

We encourage you to walk through the process of setting up a MyMercy account with your teen as they turn 16, so they can begin to understand the importance of managing their health.

As you’re helping your teen set up their MyMercy account, we encourage you to talk with them about the support and guidance you can provide as they step into a role of managing their own health.

If you have questions about these account access changes, you may discuss them with their provider at your next visit.