MyMercy NICU

About MyMercy NICU

Parents are the most important patient care team member; staying engaged and partnering with your baby’s care team will ensure a safe and successful transition home. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about MyMercy NICU.

MyMercy NICU is a function on Mercy’s free app, MyMercy that allows parents with babies in the NICU to engage with their baby and the baby’s care team when they can’t be physically present.

MyMercy NICU lets you stay connected to your baby. Your baby’s care team will: 


  • Identify themselves so you know who’s taking care of your baby
  • Share photos of your baby
  • Upload clinical information, including weight, test results, feedings, medications and upcoming tests.
  • Use it for two-way video conferencing so that you can ask questions and stay informed.
  • Send education topics relevant to your baby's care throughout their hospital stay.

Yes. MyMercy NICU is protected by the same security protocols that protect your health records and information.

You can login any time day or night to see your baby’s information. Video conferences must be scheduled. Ask your baby’s nurse for more information.

No. MyMercy NICU, like every other functionality in MyMercy, is free.

You can continue to use MyMercy to engage with your Mercy Pediatrician and any Mercy Pediatric specialists after your baby is discharged from the NICU.

If your child was born at a Mercy hospital, MyMercy NICU is automatically added to your MyMercy account. You can create a MyMercy account here if you don’t have one.

Once you’ve created your MyMercy account, you can download it to your smartphone or tablet from Google Play or the App Store.

If you aren’t a MyMercy user or need to add other people to your baby’s account, ask your NICU nurse for help.