MyMercy Proxy Access Terms & Conditions

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What is MyMercy Proxy Access?

MyMercy proxy access allows an authorized person to access data in another person's MyMercy healthcare record and/or mobile application.  Health information accessible in MyMercy includes, but is not limited to: past and future appointments, all messages to and from my healthcare provider(s), lab and radiology test results, immunizations and billing information.

Often parents/legal guardians will use this mechanism to access their children's MyMercy accounts (typically, up until the child turns 16) so they can schedule appointments check immunizations, view test results, and coordinate other health-related information for their children, as permitted by state and federal law.  Adults may use authorized proxy access to view a spouse, older parent or relative's information maintained in the MyMercy healthcare record. This can particularly useful for helping monitor medications and appointments.

In any proxy relationship, two people are involved. One of these is the patient whose chart is being accessed. The other is the person (i.e., the proxy) who receives authorization from the patient to access the patient’s health information.

How Do I Authorize and Terminate Proxy Access to MyMercy?

Authorization is granted differently for child patients and adult patients.

In a Parent/Legal Guardian-Child relationship, the parent/legal guardian coordinates access to the child patient’s MyMercy account through the child’s healthcare provider.  Once access is authorized, the parent/legal guardian can view the health information maintained in the child’s MyMercy account.  When child reaches age 16, proxy access is automatically terminated and the parent/legal guardian will no longer have access to the child's MyMercy record.

In an Adult-Adult relationship, the adult patient coordinates access to his/her MyMercy account via the online MyMercy application portal.  MyMercy proxy access will only be granted to those persons authorized by the adult patient and who already have a registered MyMercy account.  Adult proxy access can be terminated by the patient upon submitting a written request to Mercy and/or the patient’s initiation of a change in his/her proxy access in the MyMercy portal.

Proxy Access Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully.  By authorizing proxy access using your MyMercy application portal, you agree that you’ve read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions below:

  1. I understand that by granting proxy access to a third party person, I am allowing that person’s access to the complete contents of my MyMercy record. I understand that granting proxy access to a third party is completely voluntary.
  2. I understand that it is my responsibility to terminate my proxy’s access to my MyMercy account if I no longer wish to allow him/her access to my MyMercy information. Termination of proxy access may not be immediate. Mercy will use its best efforts to terminate your proxy’s access within ten (10) business days of receiving a written request and/or receipt of the change in proxy access in the MyMercy portal.
  3. I understand that if my proxy shares his/her user ID and password with anyone, or if his or her user ID and password are lost or stolen, unauthorized parties may have access to my MyMercy health information. I understand that it is the responsibility of my proxy to keep his/her user ID and password secure and to change them anytime they believe their security has been compromised. I agree that it is also the responsibility of my proxy to log out of active MyMercy sessions and take appropriate precautions when accessing MyMercy from his/her home, business, or public computer and when printing or copying any MyMercy health information.
  4. I understand that my proxy’s activities within MyMercy may be tracked by computer audit and that any entries and messages may become part of the medical record.
  5. I understand that access to MyMercy is provided as a convenience to me as a patient and that Mercy has the right to deactivate my access or my proxy’s access at any time for any reason or for no reason.
  6. I understand that my use of MyMercy is voluntary and that I am not required to use MyMercy.
  7. I hereby agree to waive any and all claims or causes of action against Mercy, its affiliated entities, their officers, directors, employees, and agents that are in any way related to my proxy’s use of MyMercy.
  8. I understand my authorization for a person’s proxy access will remain in effect until revoked in writing or changed by me in the MyMercy portal.

Contact Mercy

If you have any questions about this MyMercy Proxy Access Terms and Conditions, you may contact Mercy at 1-888-98-MERCY or at [email protected].