Mercy Birthing Center - Love Family Women's Center

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Love Where You Give Birth

Giving birth brings new life and love into your family. Make the most of the experience at Mercy Birthing Center – Love Family Women’s Center. 

Advanced Medicine and Compassionate Care

Trust your care to the childbirth experts at Mercy. Our multi-specialty team of OB/GYNs, certified nurse midwivespediatricians and nurses deliver comprehensive care with compassion. If the unexpected happens, you have the reassurance of our on-site maternal-fetal medicine specialists and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

More Room. More Families. More Healing. 

Mercy Birthing Center - Love Family Women’s Center is a modern, welcoming and nurturing place to have your baby. Here’s what we’ve built to give you the best childbirth experience:

We’ve added more space to care for you and your baby before, during and after delivery. Our private rooms feature warm, spa-like surroundings with large windows and plenty of space for your family.

  • Labor and Delivery Rooms – Our 15 newly built labor and delivery rooms are nearly double the size of previous rooms. You’ll find a variety of childbirth amenities, including laboring tubs and jetted showers for natural pain relief.
  • Postpartum Rooms – After delivery, you’ll move to one of our 47 postpartum rooms to rest and recover. Your baby can room in with you 24 hours a day, and our secure nursery is available when needed.
  • Antepartum Rooms – Some moms with high-risk pregnancies need hospital care before delivery. The Love Family Women’s Center has dedicated antepartum rooms and experts to provide this specialized care. 

Our birthing center has three large cesarean section surgical suites and four preparation and recovery rooms. Our C-section suites connect to the main hospital surgery center, allowing rapid access to more medical care, if needed.

We opened Oklahoma City’s first Obstetrics Emergency Department (OB/ED). Mercy OB/GYNs provide 24/7 emergency care to women 20+ weeks pregnant or up to six weeks postpartum. Contact your Mercy OB/GYN with concerns about your pregnancy. To speak with the OB/ED, call 405-486-8756.

Considering a high-touch, low-tech birth? We opened Oklahoma’s first hospital-based midwifery birthing program. To learn more, visit Midwifery Birthing Center and Midwifery Clinic.

Your Mercy nurse provides breastfeeding support, and our lactation consultants are available seven days a week for extra help, even after you go home. To schedule with Lactation Support, call  405-752-3586.

Learn about pelvic-floor therapy and other treatments available at Mercy Therapy Services – Love Family Women’s Center.