Vaginal Delivery Services

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Vaginal delivery is the most common type of childbirth. Your baby is delivered through the birth canal with the support of your physician or midwife.

Prior to delivery, we'll discuss the preferences you’ve listed in your birth plan, and make every effort to accommodate them. You may want to consider epidural anesthesia to help control pain, or you may want to explore natural childbirth. Talk with your care provider about your options.

When it’s time to have your baby at Mercy, we’ll be ready and waiting for you. Most vaginal deliveries go smoothly, but some may require additional care, such as medication or emergency procedures. In some cases, a Cesarean section may be necessary. Our highly trained professionals are experts in monitoring your delivery and ensuring your safety and comfort, and we’ll coordinate any care you need.

After delivery, we’ll help you recover by providing attentive, personalized care for you and your baby. Most mothers go home two days after natural childbirth, but the length of your stay will depend upon your physician’s recommendations. We want to ensure you are both ready to start a healthy, joyful life together.

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