Mercy Breast Center - Fort Smith

7301 Rogers Avenue
Fort Smith, AR 72903
Fax: (479) 314-5299
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
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Before We Get Started

In order to schedule your appointment, we need you to answer a few questions.

  • Do you have a personal history of breast cancer?
  • Do you have any current breast symptoms? (drainage, lump, pain/tenderness)
  • Do you have breast implants?
  • If you've had a mammogram before, were the results normal?
  • Do you have a primary care physician that you've seen within the past 3 years?

Based on your responses


Your mammogram may require specialized attention. Please call to schedule your appointment.

Select a Visit Type

If you don’t see your preferred visit type, please call our office.
Digital Mammogram
I am over 40, this is my first mammogram - ever or in a year - and I need to schedule my screening mammogram. I have had no previous complications.
Digital Mammogram with 3D images
I am over 40, this is my first mammogram - ever or in a year - and I need to schedule my screening mammogram. I have had no previous complications. I realize that insurance may not cover the full cost of this scan (applies to residents outside of Arkansas).

In the U.S., one in eight women will learn she has breast cancer at some time in her life. Survival rates are highest when breast cancer is diagnosed and treated in the earliest stage.

At Mercy Breast Center – Fort Smith, we’re dedicated to helping women beat breast cancer. Through early detection, treatment, education and ongoing support, we empower women in the fight against this disease. The breast center team is committed to keeping you healthy, and we do it in a comfortable, warm, personal setting.

Our mission at Mercy Breast Center is to bring you the best possible patient care in a setting where you feel trust and support. We offer 3D Mammogram screening, plus expert follow-up care for all breast conditions, including cancer or other breast diseases. When it comes to your breast health, count on our team to deliver the care you need.

For general information, call the Breast Center at 479-314-5260.

To schedule a mammogram, call 479-314-7855.

3D Mammography

Mercy Breast Center - Fort Smith offers automated whole breast ultrasound - this new 3D mammogram (tomosynthesis) technology technology is the first in the region. 3D Mammography is the only breast cancer screening technology specifically developed and FDA approved for women with dense breast tissue. It uses sound waves to create 3D pictures of the breast tissue, and is specifically designed to help doctors find cancers that are hidden in dense breast tissue. This, along with your mammography results, allows for a clearer, more accurate and comprehensive evaluation for women with dense breast tissue.

For more information on breast cancer treatment options or preparing for your first mammogram screening, download one of our guides:


Financial Assistance for Mammograms

The Mercy Breast Center - Fort Smith is now a provider for the Arkansas BreastCare program. The Mercy Health Foundation also sponsors the To Save A Life program. Both of these programs are available to help women who are uninsured or underinsured pay for mammograms and other diagnostic services needed to diagnose breast cancer. Call the Mercy Breast Center to learn more.