Hearing Aid Fitting and Servicing

After completing a comprehensive hearing evaluation, our audiologists will explain the results and come up with a treatment plan based on the degree and type of hearing loss. We also consider your lifestyle to select instruments that help you hear your best in any situation. Technology alone is not the solution to your hearing problems. Achieving better hearing involves:

  • recognizing your need for help,
  • wearing the devices on a consistent basis so as to adapt to your new world,
  • learning how to clean and care for your devices in order to maximize their life expectancy,
  • having a plan for communicating in challenging listening environments.

Mercy offers hearing solutions for every budget. Hearing instruments are dispensed on a 30-day trial once a deposit of $500 per aid has been paid. The balance is due at the end of the trial period when you are confident of your new hearing ability.

Payment plans are available. Mercy is a participating provider of many insurance plans and will assist you in determining if you have hearing aid benefits. Your investment in communication sooner than later will allow you to maintain the brain’s ability to interpret sound in addition to enhancing your social and emotional well being.

You will have options to choose including:

  • Volume control or program button if available on the model chosen
  • Activation of a phone program
  • Synchronization of volume or program (touching the right aid changes the left aid too)
  • Colors: blonde, brown, black, silver, gray, blue, red, or pink
  • Instrument style and battery size
  • Instruments with wireless connectivity

Mercy audiologists are dedicated to caring for your hearing health. Our goal is to ensure you are successful from the initial consultation, fitting, and follow-up visits for years to come. Our team includes ear, nose, and throat physicians and physician assistants. Our hearing aid technician is available to clean and perform minor repairs to your hearing instruments as needed. 

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