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Springdale Audiology

Our Audiology Clinic in Springdale, Arkansas, provides comprehensive audiological services for individuals of all ages. Our experienced audiologists offer various diagnostic and rehabilitative services to address hearing and balance issues.

Our clinic offers personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs. Whether it's hearing aids, vestibular rehabilitation exercises, or other interventions, we aim to improve your quality of life and restore your hearing and balance. If you're experiencing hearing or balance concerns, book an appointment at our Audiology Clinic in Springdale, Arkansas, to receive professional and compassionate care from our dedicated team of experts.

VNG Testing

We can use advanced technology like Videonystagmography (VNG) to accurately assess and diagnose conditions related to balance problems, vertigo, and dizziness. VNG testing allows for a detailed evaluation of your inner ear function and helps identify the underlying causes of your symptoms. The inner ear area cannot be seen, so the VNG can help determine if it's functioning correctly with a three-part examination, which includes:

  1. During the first part, you'll wear goggles with an infrared camera connected to a computer and follow a light with your eyes.
  2. During the second part, your head and body will be moved into certain positions, and the examiner will evaluate your body's response.
  3. During the third part, your examiner will stimulate the ear with warm and cold air in your ear canal to test eye movement.

When air is put into the ear canal, some patients experience dizziness, spinning, or a floating sensation. This isn't uncommon and only lasts a few seconds. The examiner may ask you to perform mental tasks during the test, such as counting backward or thinking of names. These activities keep the mind busy and alert so that valid test results can be recorded.

The results from the VNG test will help determine if specific components of your balance system are contributing to your symptoms and may help indicate whether follow-up tests are needed. Your results will also help determine which therapy or treatment is right for you.

Most patients feel the same after testing as they did before. However, some patients may experience an increase in their symptoms. As a result, you may not feel comfortable driving yourself home. Please arrange to have someone pick you up following your test if needed. 

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