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Genetic Testing & Counseling St. Louis

At Mercy Genetics Clinic - Medical Tower B in St. Louis, experienced medical geneticists and certified genetic counselors meet with patients of all ages. Genetic counselors role is to help people examine their families’ genetic histories and uncover inherited conditions. As part of a healthcare team they work alongside physicians, nurses, and geneticists. Genetic counselors performs these functions as follows:

  • Obtaining and analyzing medical information about the patient and families
  • Constructing and interpreting family trees, called pedigrees to assess various inherited conditions will be or passed on to future generation
  • Counseling patients about options for genetic testing and reviewing potential results
  • Educating patients and families about genetic conditions running through the family, explaining recurrence risks/variants and possible chance a person will inherit a causative gene
  • Provide guidance to help individuals make important decisions regarding genetic testing

Healthcare providers refer a wide range of people to genetic counselors for evaluation and genetic testing, which may include:

  • A personal and/or family history of certain conditions that seem to occur more frequently than expected.
  • Disorders that may be relatively common, but diagnosed at younger ages than expected for the condition. This may include, but is not limited to, diagnoses of cancer, cardiac disease, neurological or endocrine diseases.

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