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Genetic Counselors role is to help people examine their families’ genetic histories and uncover inherited conditions. As part of a healthcare team they work alongside physicians, nurses, and geneticists.

Genetic Counselors performs these functions as follows:

  • Obtaining and analyzing medical information about the patient and families
  • Constructing and interpreting family trees, called pedigrees to assess various inherited conditions will be or passed on to future generation
  • Counseling patients about options for genetic testing and reviewing potential results
  • Educating patients and families about genetic conditions running through the family, explaining recurrence risks/variants and possible chance a person will inherit a causative gene
  • Provide guidance to help individuals make important decisions regarding genetic testing

Physicians refer a wide range of people to genetic counselors for evaluation and genetic testing, which include:

Cardiology, Neurological Disease, and Cancer: 

  • Individuals who have family history of an inherited genetic disorder, assess potential risk for cardiovascular disease, and testing for neurological disorders
  • People with family history of later onset conditions movement disorders such as (Huntington disease, Parkinson’s), ALS, epilepsy, and spinal muscular atrophy
  • Cancer risk assessment for certain cancers such as breast, ovarian or colon cancer who may consider genetic testing to determine their risk of getting the disease

Pediatrics: working with children with multiple anomalies/syndromes

  • Children who are suspected of having a genetic disorder based on a history of development delays, intellectual disability, and birth defects

Prenatal: working with couples and older women

  • Couples who have experienced multiple miscarriages, stillbirth or problems with infertility
  • Women who have an abnormal screening test, such as an ultrasound during pregnancy
  • Older women (over 35) who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy 

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