Meet the Team

Mercy Laredo Team

Meet the experienced team of Mercy Clinic.

IMG_0341-Leadership Team Mercy Clinic Laredo

Senior Leadership Team

Mercy Ministries of Laredo is led by President Elizabeth Casso, seated at the bottom right. The Senior Leadership team comprises clockwise Director of Outreach Sister Rosemary Welsh, RSM, Clinical Director Fernandina Martinez, Director of Development Diana Rossell Granados, Administrative Assistant Cristina Reyes & Chief Financial Officer Laura McCoy.

IMG_0426-FNP Family Nurse Practitioners at Mercy Clinic Laredo

Family Nurse Practioners

Juanita Vasquez & Edna Garcia Jones lead exercise classes for Mercy Clinic patients. The low-impact, high-energy classes help clinic patients get their daily physical activity. The types are free of charge for clinic patients.

IMG_0299-BHC Behavioral Health Consultants at Mercy Clinic Laredo

Behavioral Health Consultants

Licensed Professional Counselors Esther Fatima Garza & Dr. Vilma Gonzalez attend to Mercy Clinic patients' behavioral & physiological needs.

IMG_0303-NE Nurse Educators at Mercy Clinic Laredo

Nurse Educators

Priscilla Flores & Issa Arredondo provide education, training & monitoring of disease markers in patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses. They also conduct classes on various topics, including nutrition & select diseases prevalent in the local population.

IMG_0475 SWandCM Social Workers & Case Managers at Mercy Clinic Laredo

Social Workers & Case Managers

Elizabeth Martinez, Stephanie Delgado, Diana Gonzalez, Monica Davila, Blasita Esparza & Maribel Quiroz are part of the multi-disciplinary team that reviews difficult, complex cases. Together, they determine patient eligibility, guide patients through the medical maze & secure funding for patients who require specialty or surgical referrals.

IMG_0412-PR Patient Representatives at Mercy Clinic Laredo

Patient Representatives

Led by Rebeca Quintero, Patient Representatives Rosie Gonzalez, Guadalupe Mata & Hortensia Palacios (not pictured) are the first co-workers to greet & welcome patients to Mercy Clinic. They also answer incoming calls & facilitate the scheduling of patient appointments.

IMG_0392-DCT Dental Clinic Team at Mercy Clinic Laredo

Dental Clinic Team

Mercy Clinic's dental team includes Mirtha Trejo, Karla Briseno, Cristina Reyes, David Reyes & Rebecca Quintero, led by Sister Rosemary Welsh & Fernandina Martinez. They handle patients' plan of care, recordkeeping & appointment scheduling.

IMG_0399-PandMMC Promotoras & Medical Mobile Clinic at Mercy Clinic Laredo

Promotoras & Medical Mobile Clinic

Mercy Clinic's community outreach representatives include Juanita Garcia & Mirtha Trejo led by Sister Rosemary Welsh. The Promotoras make home visits, conduct placticas & conduct classes for site-based groups. Javier Paredes is integral to this program by driving & overseeing Mercy's Medical Mobile Clinic.

IMG_0487-MA Medical Assistants at Mercy Clinic Laredo

Medical Assistants

Judith Salazar, Sandra Sandoval & Stephanie Gonzalez perform patient intake in preparation for provider appointments.

IMG_0240-PT Pharmacy Tech at Mercy Clinic Laredo

Pharmacy Tech

Lydia Garza & Sandra Sandoval oversee the Medications Assistance Program.

IMG_360-MR Medical Records at Mercy Clinic Laredo

Medical Records

Sonia Flores & Judith Salazar oversee the functions of the Medical Records Office.

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