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2115 S. Fremont Avenue
Suite 3000
Springfield, MO 65804
Fax: (417) 820-7951
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
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Mercy Clinic–Neuropsychology in Springfield, MO offers psychological evaluations including both neuropsychological and psychological testing.Neuropsychology is a specialty of psychology concerned with the study of the relationships between the brain and cognition/behavior.

The neuropsychological evaluation helps your doctors and other health care professionals understand how cognitive strengths and weaknesses impact your daily functioning and guide interventions or treatments. A neuropsychological evaluation often consists of a series of three appointments: an initial interview, an assessment (testing) and a follow-up/results appointment.  Based upon individual needs, the assessment may measure some or all of the following domains: intellectual, academic, attention, memory, executive functioning (different types of thinking processes), motor, language, visual-spatial processing, processing speed, emotional, social or behavioral.  Neuropsychological testing involves verbal, paper-and-pencil or computerized tests.

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Our Providers

Tessa J. Coltrin, PsyD, Mercy
Mercy Clinic
Kimberly Dionysus, PsyD, Mercy
Mercy Clinic
Erin M. Grubbs, LPC, Mercy
Mercy Clinic
Philip K. Mothersead, PhD, Mercy
Neuropsychology, Psychology
Mercy Clinic
Michael Whetstone, PhD, Mercy
Psychology, Neuropsychology
Mercy Clinic