Mercy Clinic Primary Care - Chaffee Crossing

Doctor's Office
7003 Chad Colley Boulevard
Barling, AR 72923

Phone: (479) 431-3500
Fax: (479) 452-2098
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Mercy Clinic Primary Care – Chaffee Crossing in Fort Smith, AR, provides complete health care to help you reach your health care goals. Our family medicine practitioners are here to provide the very best care, and to take the time to listen and respond to your questions and concerns. Our goal is to keep you healthy and active at every stage of life.

Prevention is key. We want to help you stay ahead of illnesses and other health problems before they become more complicated. Together we can take steps to keep you on the go and living life to its fullest, including:

  • Regular health check-ups with your Mercy primary care physician
  • Scheduling screenings and vaccines based on your age and family/medical history
  • Making positive lifestyle changes
  • Contacting your Mercy primary care provider at the first sign of any problem

As needed, we can easily connect you with Mercy medical specialists in the Fort Smith area and a full range of laboratory and imaging services. And to ensure you the get the most efficient and complete care, all Mercy providers work from a single, electronic health record for each patient.

Specifically, our services at Mercy Clinic Primary Care – Chaffee Crossing include:

  • Treatment of minor illnesses such as cold and flu
  • Treatment of minor injuries (strains, sprains, fracture)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions
  • Checkups, wellness exams and general medical evaluations
  • Sports and school physicals

As a Mercy Clinic patient, you'll also enjoy the convenience of MyMercy, our free Web-based service that makes it so easy to access your health information and connect with your doctor.

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