Mercy Clinic Travel Medicine - Whiteside

Doctor's Office
2115 S. Fremont Avenue, Suite 2300
Springfield, MO 65804

Phone: (417) 820-2675
Fax: (417) 820-6580
By appointment only. Please call to schedule.

At Mercy Travel Medicine, we believe in adventures. If doing more of what you love involves exploring new places, we are here to help. Our Springfield travel medicine clinic provides:

  • Access to a broad range of vaccines
  • Knowledge of region-specific diseases and how to prevent them
  • Resources on symptoms of infection
  • Expert care for uncommon diseases
  • Coordination of care with your regular primary care physician

John H. Brown, MD, an experienced family medicine practitioner formerly of Mercy Family and International Medicine, will work in conjunction with your regular physician to ensure continuity of care. As part of Mercy, Dr. Brown has access to your electronic medical record so all services provided will automatically be updated on your record.

Mercy Travel Medicine is here to help because the best adventures are those that end with a good story, not a lingering illness.

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