EMS Chaplain

Derek Henson is Mercy Emergency Services' dedicated chaplain and he works with both the EMS and Life Line flight crews. What started as a pilot program has grown into a integral part of our support team. 

Every day our crews respond to 911 emergencies, knowing that any one of their calls may involve serious injuries to children, multiple fatality accidents, cardiac arrests, or the like. They come to help in our most emotional and often devastating times. But who’s there for them when they need help dealing with it all?

“A large role of my job is to be with the crews to better understand the emotional stress they deal with on a day-to-day basis,” said Henson.

After responding to calls, crew members can sit down and talk with Derek individually or as a group. 

Derek is a member of the Association of Professional Flight Chaplains. He also serves as a chaplain at Mercy Hospital Springfield.